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Born in 1981 in Australia, Emilie de Ravin trained as a ballerina before shifting her focus to acting. Emilie accepted a starring spot on the cult-hit sci-fi show Roswell. In 2004, she landed the role of young single mother Claire Littleton on ABC's hit mindbender Lost. While appearing on Lost, Emilie also began to pursue a career on the big screen with roles in such prominent films as the horror remake The Hills Have Eyes, the acclaimed indie noir homage Brick and Remember Me along with Robert Pattinson. Currently, she is starring as Belle in ABC's Once Upon a Time.
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Once Upon a Time meme - seven relationships - [5/7] - Rumple & Belle

"But there’s only one of those paths I’m interested in
. The one where you & I are together.”

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bobby and emilies twitter pics vs. scenes they were shooting

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Emilie de Ravin on set OUAT [x]

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"I wil see you again."

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times when they weren’t able to keep their hands off one another: the day they were reunited edition

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